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YuuRam Fans Community

Hello! Welcome to the YuuRam Fans Community!

Here, all Yuuram fans gather together to share the same common interests! The Yuuri and Wolfram pairing!

Share your graphics, thoughts, fanfics and anything associated with the YuuRam pairing!

I yuuramfan am the moderator of this community. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, please ask from me!

Please read the rules before joining:


1. You must support the YuuRam pairing. Or at least like Yuuri or Wolfram.
2. You have to be an active member
3. If you plan on showing any graphics like banners, icons, etc, please put at least 2-3 teasers then place an lj-cut.
4. If you're going to place fanfics or fanarts, please follow these format:

Rating: (rating must not be higher than T rating. please don't post M rated fics or higher.)
Pairings: (If there are any)
Genre: (Humor, Romance, Angst)
Comments: (Tell something about the fic)

5. On posting a spoiler or episode summary, please be sure to place them behind lj-cuts.
6. No flaming please! Be nice to other people!
7. PLEASE, no posting too much ADULT THEMED materials! People of all ages may be coming to this community, and I don't want to encourage anything not suitable for children.

Those who don't follow these rules will result in a permanent ban from the community.

Well, that's about it! Please enjoy your stay at the community!